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To correctly login, please select the WriteWise version that you purchased or that has been assigned to you through your university.

If you try to login to the Spanish version but have been assigned access to the English version (or viceversa), you will get an error message.

If you are unsure what version you have access to, please contact us for verification at support@writewise.io.

English Version

April 2022 English Version 2

Spanish Version

April 2022 Spanish Version 1

What are the main differences between the WriteWise versions?

  English Version Spanish Version
Language of Application (i.e., Menu Options; Feedback; Buttons) English Spanish

Language of Text Analyses (i.e., the language of your manuscript)

English Spanish
Analyses Applying Artificial Intelligence (i.e., Content Classification; Voice & Verbs;
Summarizer; Keyword Detection [Abstract Section])
Available Not Available
Advanced Automatic Grammar, Spelling, and Style Checker Specific to Academic Texts Available Not Available

What is offered by both WriteWise versions?

Common Tools

Advanced Learning Material Related to Writing Academic Manuscripts

Sentence & Section Templates
Analysis of Sentence Length

Basic Grammar & Spelling Checker (i.e., Google Chrome Feature)