Frequently Asked Questions

What makes WriteWise different from Grammarly?

What does Grammarly do?

  • Generic for many text types (e.g., emails, reports, etc.)
  • Grammar and spell check

What does WriteWise do?

  • Specific to academic texts
  • Grammar and spell check
  • > 700 sentence and section templates
  • Section-specific feedback on structure and content
  • Instant voice and verb review for each sentence
  • Review sentence and paragraph lengths
  • Verify transition words to connect sentences
  • Search for word use in the context of academic texts
  • Vary writing style using smart synonyms
Finally, WriteWise is instructional, and it works like a virtual tutor. Therefore, WriteWise has an educational purpose – that you learn how to write papers! Check out the testimonials of our users mentioning the differences they perceive between Grammarly and WriteWise.

How should I start using WriteWise?

While each person will have their own way and style of writing, we would recommend using the tools in the following order:

1. Section and/or Sentence Construction: Build the 1st draft of the text using templates.

2. Content Analysis: Verify the presence, frequency and distribution of all the communicative categories specific to each manuscript section.

3. Review Paragraph Length: Verify the length of all the paragraphs.

With the first three steps, you will construct the macro-structure of your manuscript.

4. Review Sentence Length: Verify the length of each sentence.

5. Verb & Voice Analysis: To Check that the verb tense and voice of each sentence match the respective communicative category  defined in Step 2.

6. See Words In Context (Optional): Review the use of words in an academic context.

7. Scientific Grammar and Spell-Check Review: Finish with the correction of grammatical and syntax details.

With these last four steps, you will polish the micro-structure of your manuscript.

Does WriteWise work for all research areas?

Yes! The tools offered by WriteWise are transversal and can aid in writing manuscripts for all research areas.

What languages can be used in WriteWise?

We offer two versions of WriteWise:

  • English
  • Spanish

WriteWise English:

  • Made for writing manuscripts in English
  • Interface and feedback is provided in English

WriteWise Spanish:

  • Made for writing manuscripts in Spanish
  • Interface and feedback is provided in Spanish

How can I use WriteWise if my text is in Spanish but I want to publish in English?

We recommend the following steps:

  1. Use WriteWise Spanish to fully construct the final draft of your text in Spanish.
  2. Use DeepL to automatically translate your Spanish text into English
  3. Use WriteWise English to analyze, edit, and construct the final draft of your text in English.

Do I need to install anything to use WriteWise?

WriteWise Web

You can use WriteWise Web without installing anything to your computer. To access WriteWise Web, use the following login links:

WriteWise Word Add-In

Both versions of WriteWise are also available as Word Add-Ins, which can be installed through the Office Store available within Word.