This privacy policy (hereafter the “Policy” or “Privacy Policy“) describes the type of information WriteWise collects from Users, the mechanisms of information processing, how information is used, the circumstances under which information may be shared, and the rights Users have with regards to said information.
This Policy applies to Users that download, access, or use the WriteWise software (hereafter the “Software” or “WriteWise“), through any program, browser, website, or digital application (hereafter the “Platforms“). By using the Software through any of its Platforms, it is understood that the User has fully read and accepted this Privacy Policy. If the User is in disagreement with any part of this Privacy Policy, the User must refrain from accessing the Software on any Platform, either directly or indirectly, and from using any information, service, or product provided by WriteWise.

This Privacy Policy shall constitute a valid and binding agreement between the User and the Company regarding the privacy requirements related to WriteWise’s use of information collected from the User.

Section 1. Collected information.
To provide and improve our services, WriteWise will collect and store information provided by Users and as obtained from Users through the use of WriteWise and its Platforms (hereafter “Information“). The information collected and stored will include:

  1. Information provided by the User when registering on any of the WriteWise Platforms, or when updating their account information, such as name, date of birth, tax identification number, address, email, and telephone.
  2. Information about Software use and activity by the User, including, but not limited to, the time, frequency, and duration of Software use; the time, frequency, and duration of Module/Function use in the Software; the ranges of activities, functions, or modules used by the User; the number of files saved and the status thereof (e.g. inactive or actively being edited); the number and type of comments provided by WriteWise functions; the number of words written, uploaded, copied, and/or pasted in the Software; the documents uploaded to the Software; and diagnostic, error, and performance logs and reports; among other information.
  3. Manuscripts, files, and/or texts stored in the Software, as well as the tracking data and analytical results obtained from these.
  4. Device and connection information, such as operating system, IP address, software version, browser, language, and time zone.
  5. Information provided by the User when using WriteWise’s customer service channels.
  6. Information collected through cookies.

Information will be stored for the duration of the subscription or license. In the event of subscription or license termination, WriteWise will delete all stored User Information.

Section 2. How information is used.
WriteWise uses the stored Information to operate, develop, improve, and analyze its services. Stored Information may be used to conduct studies, measurements, statistical analyses, monitoring, and projections. In addition, Information can be used at any time to provide analytical or segmentation data to networks or service providers. To further develop, perfect, and expand its services, WriteWise can transfer Information to third parties, in Chile and abroad, as long as measures are taken to ensure that said Information is used in alignment with this Privacy Policy. The use of the Information as indicated in this clause is expressly accepted by the User.

Section 3. Confidentiality and security of information.
WriteWise has adopted security measures to protect the Information collected from Users, which will be kept strictly confidential. The Information will be duly stored in secure platforms, and access to these platforms will be restricted to employees, contractors, representatives, and/or agents of WriteWise that require such data to perform their duties and for the development or improvement of WriteWise’s services. Any person not authorized by WriteWise or the User will be prevented from accessing, modifying, or disclosing collected Information. Furthermore, WriteWise declares that it will not publicly disclose or share the Information without the express consent of the User.

WriteWise does not provide a guarantee, nor will WriteWise be liable in any way, for violations of this Policy arising from unauthorized access of platforms where information is stored, even when User information is improperly used. Nevertheless, if any data breach or other security concern occurs, WriteWise will inform affected Users and adopt all measures needed to solve the issue.

Without prejudice to the above, WriteWise can divulge certain Information in good faith when reasonably necessary to (i) comply with legal obligations; (ii) comply with an order issued by a court or other institution with due authority; and (iii) protect the rights, property, or security of WriteWise, its Users, or third parties.

Section 4. Users.
WriteWise is intended for individuals who are at least 18 years of age and who are fully capable and competent to understand and accept this Privacy Policy. The Company shall not be liable for any misunderstanding of this Privacy Policy and the implications thereof by persons under 18 years of age.

Section 5. User rights.
Users may request, rectify, modify, update, or request the deletion of Information stored by WriteWise. Users also have the right to object to the processing of their information, when such objection is based on public interest, the legitimate interests of WriteWise, or the interests of a third party. Such requests must be sent in writing to the email, indicating the following details:

  • Full name.
  • Email.
  • Contact telephone.
  • Country of residence.
  • A description of the data-collection activity under objection.

Once the request has been received, WriteWise will have 30 working days to grant or reject the request. The User will be informed of the decision, which must be duly justified. Data access, rectification, and removal will be carried out by WriteWise free of charge, except in cases where granting the User request results in expenses of any kind, which will be charged to the User.