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From 1 to 5 papers a year using WriteWise

Jorge Aedo

Jorge Aedo

Jorge Aedo

Jorge Aedo

Jorge Aedo

Jorge Aedo

Jorge Aedo

Jorge Aedo

PhD Student in Biotechnology
Universidad Andrés Bello

“This tool solves practically all of the problems I had when writing scientific articles. WriteWise helps you to not only write a paper quicker, but also with higher quality."

Jorge is a highly productive PhD student; he is the coauthor of 11 papers.

During 2019, Jorge published five papers with the aid of the WriteWise prototype.

From 2015-2018, Jorge published an average of one paper per year.

This is made for scientific manuscripts

Melissa Alegria

PhD Student in Biotechnology
Universidad Andrés Bello

"In comparison to other software, this is trained with scientific papers. In other words, the parts about the context are exclusively for writing a scientific text or a research paper. Other options have tools to help you write grammatically correct, but not necessarily a scientific paper."

"Us PhD students are always rushed. We try to obtain the best results posible, and we often leave writing on the side burner. But writing papers is difficult, and the text has to be structured in distinct sections. With WriteWise, I take less time [to write my paper] than if I use Word or GoogleDocs."

Better than the alternatives

Maria Eugenia Romero

PhD Student in Agronomic Sciences
Universidad de Concepción

"The first and most important difference between the WriteWise software and other tools that can be used to write scientific articles is that it is a very user-friendly software and allows you to save time. It helps you get through the tedious tasks of writing an article, which is the Achilles Heel of all doctorate students and post-graduates in general."

WriteWise is the result of two years of research and development! 

We're scientists too!

How do we know that WriteWise works? 
Because we have conducted quantitative, peer-reviewed studies of our own technology!  

A novel machine learning model that guides graduate students to write more organized and structured texts

Revealing the collaborative dynamics of a large-scale arXiv text collection by means of k-shell decomposition

Sentence encoders as a method for helping users identify and improve semantic similarity in bio-medical text

WriteWise: software that guides scientific writing

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  • Learn how to write a paper, section-by-section, paragraph-by-paragraph, sentence-by-sentence
  • Overcome external limitations, like a supervisor with little time, like poor institutional support.
  • Compete in your field by publishing more papers of higher quality in less time.
  • Gain the ability to focus on what really matters to you - the science!

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