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Since Launch in 2019

Case Studies

From 1 to 5 papers in 1 year using WriteWise


PhD Student in Biotechnology
Universidad Andrés Bello

“This tool solves practically all of the problems I had when writing scientific articles. WriteWise helps you to not only write a paper quicker, but also with higher quality."

Jorge is a highly productive PhD student; he is the coauthor of 11 papers.

During 2019, Jorge published five papers with the aid of the WriteWise prototype.

From 2015-2018, Jorge published an average of one paper per year.

Ready to submit her first review within 1 month


PhD Student in Environmental Sciences
Universidad de Concepción

"WriteWise helps with key things like connectors, verb usage, what is in the content, what is the most important thing in your paper, the structure that you should follow to build a good paper, and that it is interesting and easy to read."

On track to graduate with her paper ready for submission

Maria eugenia romero

PhD Student in Agronomic Sciences
Universidad de Concepción

"The first and most important difference between the WriteWise software and other tools that can be used to write scientific articles is that it is a very user-friendly software and allows you to save time. It helps you get through the tedious tasks of writing an article, which is the Achilles Heel of all doctorate students and post-graduates in general."

Focused on science because WriteWise helps him with papers


Research Assistant, Laboratory of Biotechnology
Universidad Andrés Bello

"[WriteWise] primarily [helped] me...to write the first draft of my investigation so that it could then be published. This saved me time, in addition to having a better quality manuscript that I can present. So, this tool is going to help me more efficiently write in the future in the laboratory because I will not have to invest so much time and effort into writing a scientific article."

Her first review now ready to submit after using WriteWise

Claudia alvarez

PhD Student in ​Cellular & Molecular Biology
Universidad de Concepción

"Before, I did not know how to start. My ideas were scattered. WriteWise gave me insights on how to write a paper, helping me a lot with the structure."

First author for the first time with the support of WriteWise

patricio órdenes

PhD Student in Cellular & Molecular Biology
Universidad de Concepción

"[WriteWise] is 100% recommended; it is easy to work with; it is very didactic, and, furthermore, you can move quickly in creating ideas and verb tenses. You can go back and self-correct with this program and advance very quickly. What’s more, if you have previously published without using this program, it can improve your writing, I believe, by 40 or 50%. So, I firmly recommend it."

Graduation within reach with a publication ready for submission


PhD Student in Biophysics &
Computational Biology
Universidad de Valparaíso

"In comparison to other software, this is trained with scientific papers. In other words, the parts about the context are exclusively for writing a scientific text or a research paper. Other options have tools to help you write grammatically correct, but not necessarily a scientific paper."


WriteWise is the result of two years of research and development!

How do we know that WriteWise works?

Because we have conducted quantitative, peer-reviewed studies of our own technology!

A novel machine learning model that guides graduate students to write more organized and structured texts

Revealing the collaborative dynamics of a large-scale arXiv text collection by means of k-shell decomposition

Sentence encoders as a method for helping users identify and improve semantic similarity in bio-medical text

WriteWise: software that guides scientific writing

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WriteWise is already receiving global recognition for innovating educational technologies!

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Benefits of WriteWise


how to write a paper, section-by-section, paragraph-by-paragraph, sentence-by-sentence.


external limitations, like a supervisor with little time, like poor institutional support.


in your field by publishing more papers of higher quality in less time.


the ability to focus on what really matters to you - the science!

Do you want to become a master at writing papers?


5 modules with 10 analytical tools

  • Content: Apply artificial intelligence to classify each sentence of each manuscript section, providing you with insights on what you are an aren't reporting.
  • Voice & Verb: Verify that you are using the most correct verb tense and voice for each sentence of each manuscript section.
  • Structure & Flow: Ensure the length of each sentence falls within an ideal range for clarity, and review the comparative relevancy of each sentence against all others.
  • Sentence Construction: Use "starter" sentences to build the initial structure of your text from a blank page, or search words/phrases in existing texts to review function and in-context usage.
  • Scientific Norms: Review your text against general standards and rules in scientific writing. 
  • Gold Standard: The feedback provided by WriteWise is based against a robust and objective benchmark for how to write a world-class scientific article. We have termed this benchmark the Gold Standard.


  • Full access to all analytical modules and tools. 5 modules with more than 10 analytical tools. Added features like auto-save.
  • Software available 24/7. Write whenever you want to or need to, unlocking all of the mentioned benefits.
  • Full access to all educational materials.
  • Write as many papers as you want.
  • Full access to updates occurring during your subscription period.
  • Support online or via call.

Schedule a Demo

Signup for a demo with one of the WriteWise founders to explore how WriteWise can help you on your publication journey!


WriteWise Founders

Ashley Van Cott

Co-Founder & COO
BA in Anthropology and MBA Candidate

10 years of experience


of experience as an editor/translator
scientific texts edited or translated
researchers trained

Dr. Eduardo Fuentes

Co-Founder & CEO
PhD in Biotechnology and Post-Doctorate

13 years of experience


scientific publications in top journals
scientific articles edited
national and international grants
research conferences
researchers trained

WriteWise was built by

PhD or PhD Candidates




Interns in
Computer Science

Q & A

What makes WriteWise different?
WriteWise is the first online writing software to provide feedback specific to the structure and content of scientific articles. This 100% focus on academic writing is achieved by applying state-of-the-art models in artificial intelligence, which were developed through two years of research and development by the WriteWise team.

What results will I get from using WriteWise?
WriteWise will help you write and edit your scientific manuscript, aiding you across the entire publication cycle - from blank page to submission-ready draft to revised text for publication. WriteWise will not write your paper for you, but it will provide you with relevant analyses and feedback during the entire writing process. It is our expectation that WriteWise will help you to publish more manuscripts of better quality and quicker than would have been possible without WriteWise.

Does WriteWise work for all research areas?
Many WriteWise analyses can be useful across research areas, such as for assessing sentence length or reviewing content according to general scientific norms. The modules that apply artificial intelligence (i.e. Content Classification and Voice & Verb Tense) were developed specifically for areas of the life sciences (e.g. biology). Nevertheless, WriteWise is useful for other experimental sciences, such as chemistry. We recognize that manuscripts in other research areas have different structures and presentation styles, and we hope to soon develop new versions of WriteWise that can be specifically applicable to other research areas, such as the exact sciences and social sciences.

Where can I use WriteWise?
WriteWise works like any other subscription service (e.g. Netflix). Your subscription will allow you to login on any device connected to the internet, but you may only login to one device at a time.

To get the best results, we recommend you use WriteWise on a computer (i.e. desktop or laptop). The WriteWise software has been optimized for use on a computer, which is where most people write research papers. Since all analyses are run in the "cloud," no minimum system requirements are needed other than a stable internet connection and a web browser (preferably Chrome).

To use WriteWise, you have to login to your account at WriteWise.io.

What languages does WriteWise work with?
WriteWise works only with English manuscripts. This is due to limitations in deep learning models, and also because the vast majority of scientific texts are written in English.

If your text is in another language (e.g. Spanish), we recommend using an automatic translator to start. Automatic translators today provide enough fidelity that the WriteWise analyses will work with a high degree of accuracy. This means you can get started editing your text even if you aren't a master of English!

Do I need to install anything to use WriteWise?
No! WriteWise is web-based, which means you connect via the WriteWise website. All WriteWise analyses are run in the "cloud," which means that your computer does not need to meet any special requirements and that nothing needs to be installed to begin using WriteWise.

To use WriteWise, you have to login to your account at WriteWise.io.

How much does WriteWise cost? 
The cost of WriteWise depends on the subscription plan you choose, but prices range from $30-$50 per month. 

How do I pay for WriteWise?
We currently accept payments for WriteWise through PayPal, which ensures world-class payment security and transparency. If you are a resident of Chile, we can also accept payment through direct bank transfer (please contact sales@writewise.io) . 

Who are you guys anyways?
We are a team dedicated to helping researchers worldwide publish their research! The WriteWise co-founders, Eduardo and Ashley, have over 20 years of combined experience and have helped hundreds of researchers through services related to scientific publication, including courses, translations, and editing of texts.

We are also researchers! The WriteWise technology was developed by a multidisciplinary team of researchers from the areas of artificial intelligence, computer science, applied linguistics, and experimental sciences. Publishing is in our DNA, and this is reflected by our publications as a company. We understand first-hand how hard it is to write a scientific manuscript, and we have developed WriteWise to help researchers overcome this challenge!

Where did you get the idea for this solution?
The WriteWise co-founders, Eduardo and Ashley, have personally worked with hundreds of investigators to publish their research. After seeing how many struggled to write manuscripts, we decided to see if technology could help overcome the challenges faced when writing! Two people can only help so many investigators, but through intelligent analyses, WriteWise can help an unlimited number of researchers at any time of any day!

How do I present this to my laboratory PI?
Let us help you! If you think that WriteWise would benefit your entire laboratory and want to present the idea to your Principal Investigator, please schedule a demo with one of the WriteWise co-founders so we can explore the best options together.

What happens if I wait?
You have no excuse to wait! If you are a Master's or PhD student and you are in the process of getting your results, you can still start writing a publication now. Not only can you start by writing your Materials and Methods, but we know from experience that many laboratories have a backlog of results just waiting to be published! Additionally, WriteWise can be useful for writing various types of scientific texts, such as thesis proposals, reviews, and conference posters. By being proactive, you can start publishing even from your first year of studies - which will give you a significant advantage on your resume! By waiting, you will increase the chances that you only publish the minimum required, which will mean zero differentiation in the high-competition scenarios of grant proposals, post-doc applications, etc.

What are the typical contract terms?
You can review the contract terms for WriteWise by clicking on the following links: Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Are there any long-term contracts?
When you signup for WriteWise, you choose the length of your subscription from a list of available plans (e.g. 3 months, 6 months, 1 year). Your contract with WriteWise will be for the duration of the plan that you select, although we hope to accompany you during the entire course of your academic career - from your first to your hundredth publication!

Why don't you offer a 1-month plan?
Writing a paper takes time, even with WriteWise! While the analyses provided by WriteWise can help you get to a submission-ready draft within 1 month, it is very likely that you will have to keep writing and editing! You will receive extra comments from third parties during the publishing cycle (i.e. send to the journal, receive comments from the journal editor and/or the journal reviewers, revise with your adviser and colleagues). We want to make sure that you have the chance to fully use WriteWise during the ENTIRE publication process at a price that is affordable.

Why don't you offer a free trial?
WriteWise is the result of two years of research and development by a multidisciplinary team of scientists, academic linguists, and computer scientists. The outcome of this work is reflected by testimonials from current clientsvideo tutorials, and personal demos. Our claims are supported by peer-reviewed conference publications, and WriteWise has been recognized by various external organizations for innovation in education and technology. We feel that enough information is provided to make an informed decision about purchasing WriteWise without the need for a free trial.