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How is artificial intelligence impacting higher education?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is impacting universities by improving learning through personalized feedback and recommendations, adaptive learning experiences, and streamlining the administrative tasks needed for a university to function. AI is also helping to increase productivity in the classroom by providing real-time feedback and analytics to students and faculty, allowing them to adjust their approach and optimize their learning process. Furthermore, AI is aiding students and faculty prepare for the future by providing them with valuable insights into new trends in the industry, enabling them to stay ahead of the curve.

AI text generation can be used positively and ethically by university students and faculty in a number of ways. AI text generation can help students generate coherent arguments and responses to essay questions quickly and accurately, allowing them to focus on the content and structure of their writing. AI text generation can also help faculty with grading and providing feedback to students, allowing them to spend more time on providing personalized feedback. In addition, AI text generation can help faculty in research by providing them with relevant insights that can be used in their academic work.

p.s. This was written using AI!

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How can WriteWise help my university?

The AI content generation in tool can help students learn to write by providing them with a range of examples of good writing, which they can use as inspiration for their own work. This tool can also help faculty write quicker, completing administrative tasks more efficiently. The integration of Grammarly in WriteWise also ensures that student and faculty texts are free of grammar and spelling mistakes, with learning made possible through explanations of the errors and suggestions on corrections. Wordy or repetitive texts can be revised using WriteWise’s paraphraser and summarizer tools, while the plagiarism checker makes sure both students and faculty are properly citing references and presenting their own perspectives. Together with the other tools provided by WriteWise, such as thousands of template sentences and readability checks, the students and faculty at your university are sure to improve their critical-thinking and communication skills, task efficiency, and ability for self-learning, in addition to becoming masters of technologies that are quickly establishing a new status quo in society.

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What tools does WriteWise offer?

Hint: Everything your staff, faculty, and students need in one application!

ChatGPT-4 Text Generator

Integrated with ChatGPT-4 technology, your faculty and students can use the AI text generator to rapidly produce a first draft on any subject. By using intelligent prompts, they can also conduct a literature search or find background information on the subject of their interest.

Grammarly Grammar Check

Integrated with Grammarly (the best AI-driven grammar corrector available), you can be sure that texts written by your faculty and students are free of any grammar and syntax errors.

AI Paraphraser

Help your faculty and students rephrase general knowledge or just change up the words they use in their writing. Our AI paraphraser can rapidly rewrite any part of a text.

Sentence Templates

Your students and faculty can quickly overcome writer’s block by selecting among thousands of available starter sentences. They just insert the sentence into their text and edit it to fit their writing goals.

AI Summarizer

Faculty, and students especially, might not always have the problem of their text being too long! However, if they do, the WriteWise AI summarizer is the tool they will want to use to quickly cut down on wordiness and extract main ideas.

Plagiarism Checker

You want to make sure the final draft of any work produced by your students and faculty is fully their own. The WriteWise plagiarism checker will help them to correctly reference sources and provide their own perspectives.

Transition Verification

In one click, students and faculty can determine where sentences might not be fully connected to each other. They can then easily select and insert a transition word from a provided drop-down list.

Sentence Length

Students and faculty can easily check the readability of each sentence in their texts. WriteWise finds sentences that may be too difficult to understand, allowing for the chance to edit before others read it.

Paragraph Length

Just like sentences, faculty and students need to make sure every paragraph can be easily read by anyone.