A great start to 2021 – New WriteWise updates and looking forward 

By WriteWise Team

September 7, 2021

EdTech, English

WriteWise Updates - August 2021

We've been busy during the first half of 2021, and now we'd like to share the news with you! Here are some key WriteWise updates that we hope will help you write a better-quality paper quicker and more effectively. 


Sneak Peek: WriteWise Word Add-In

Running an Analysis

Beta Testing for this WriteWise Update Starting in September

The highly anticipated WriteWise Word Add-In is almost here! In September, we will start Beta testing with users to get to the final launch version. The WriteWise Word Add-In will be made available for both the English and Spanish versions of WriteWise. 


Launch: WriteWise Spanish

WriteWise Spanish

Did you know that WriteWise is available in English and Spanish?

This was one of our biggest WriteWise updates during early 2021! Try out our free demo to explore the differences between each version, or click on this link to get a quick overview on what each version offers. 


Launch: eLearning Course - Spanish


Do you know the theory of how to write a paper?

If writing scientific articles is a challenge, then this course is for you! The Advanced Course on Academic Writing is more than just tips. This course will teach you the detail of how to write a scientific article, sentence by sentence for each manuscript section.

 Revisa ahora los contenidos incluidos en el curso.

 * English version coming during the 2nd half of 2021. 


Other Notable WriteWise Updates

Export to Word



In-Software Feedback Survey

Feedback English


User Profile

User Profile

What's next for WriteWise during 2021?

Planned WriteWise Updates

  • Word Add-In, English & Spanish versions
  • eLearning Course in English
  • Paragraph Length Function
  • Connector Templates Function
  • University & Laboratory User Management Dashboard

Other Learning Resources:

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