Here’s how WriteWise English can help you succeed

Go from zero to draft fast.

Want to get started from a blank page with just a few clicks? WriteWise has more than 1,000 sentence and section templates to choose from. Insert and complete the template with guided prompts. It’s that easy to go from zero to draft!

See what your paper really says.

Did you make sure to state the aim of your study? WriteWise lets you automatically check the purpose of each sentence – i.e. what it really says. Review if and where you are including too much or too little information.

Improve scientific grammar.

Use this module to check more than 3,000 complex grammar and spelling errors, in addition to receiving feedback on wording and structural improvements. Correct difficult errors unique to academic writing that are missed by other tools. Take your writing to the next level!

Keep sentence and paragraph lengths in check.

Do you want to help readers understand each sentence? WriteWise easily detects sentences that are too long, even when considering references. Shorter sentences = better comprehension. Make sure your message is clear.

Even More tools to help you succeed.

  • Review Verb Tense & Voice

  • Check Sentence Transitions

  • Quickly Summarize Text

  • Search for Intelligent Synonyms

  • Lookup Words in an Academic Context
  • Learn Through Extensive Instructional Feedback


Using WriteWise english as your virtual writing aid