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Morales Laboratory

Faculty of Chemical Sciences & Pharmacy
Universidad de Chile


Key Results

Professor  Morales highlights the following outcomes for the three students that used WriteWise for one year:

1. Visible improvement in the coherency of the entire manuscript.

2. Considerable reduction in the quantity of common errors, leading to less time revising student texts.

3. Students were able to write a manuscript ready for submission with, “a final review by myself, but without extensive rewrites.”

  • 3 students achieved 3 publications in 1 year.

  • All publications were in indexed Q1 journals.

J. Morales

Professor Javier Morales

Principal Investigator
Universidad de Chile

In reference to the the often exhausting and frequent task of of reviewing the coherence and structure of structure of his students’ manuscripts, Dr. Morales his students’ manuscripts, Dr. Morales remarked:

“Since last year, I have not had to do this type of reviewing.”

Sofia Sanchez

Sofía Sánchez

PhD Student
Universidad de Chile

“WriteWise helped me a lot to build the idea [of my paper], use more appropriate language, and give the ideas a logical order. WriteWise not only gives you the opportunity to identify errors; it also gives you input on corrections for scientific writing. What I really like about WriteWise is that you learn; it sticks with you, and you don’t make the same mistake anymore.”

Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology

W. Chou

Wai-Houng Chou

PhD Student
Universidad de Chile

“Before WriteWise, I used to send my draft to the PI and the comments he sent me had a lot to do with the way I presented my paper in English. But after using the software [WriteWise], I identified the errors in the original paper and corrected them…There was a big improvement, [WriteWise] helped me a lot to optimize my time and focus on the points I had problems with.”


A. Ortiz

Andrea Ortiz

PhD Student
Universidad de Chile

“[WriteWise] helped me a lot in proofreading my paper. Usually, advisors are in charge of doing this work, so you are depending on them to advance. But with the help of WriteWise, you are writing, the software is explaining [the logic] to you, and you are learning. [WriteWise] allows you to be independent, to advance faster, and to manage your time better. So, the advisor’s review goes much faster and is more effective since they review [a draft] that is much more structure than [a draft] sent without the help of the software. I would absolutely recommend [WriteWise] to anyone involved in the process of writing and reviewing papers.”