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General & Purchasing Questions FAQ

Does WriteWise work for all research areas?

Many WriteWise analyses can be useful across research areas, such as for assessing sentence length or reviewing content according to general scientific norms. The modules that apply artificial intelligence (i.e. Content Classification and Voice & Verb Tense) were developed specifically for areas of the life sciences (e.g. biology). Nevertheless, WriteWise is useful for other experimental sciences, such as chemistry. We recognize that manuscripts in other research areas have different structures and presentation styles, and we hope to soon develop new versions of WriteWise that can be specifically applicable to other research areas, such as the exact sciences and social sciences.

What languages does WriteWise work with?

WriteWise is now available in English and Spanish. Each version has differences in functionality. Review the features offered by each version by accessing the free demo.

Do I need to install anything to use WriteWise?

No! WriteWise is web-based, which means you connect via the WriteWise website. All WriteWise analyses are run in the "cloud," which means that your computer does not need to meet any special requirements and that nothing needs to be installed to begin using WriteWise.

To use WriteWise, you have to login to your account at

Soon, we will be launching a Word Add-In. Download of the Add-In is optional, and the web-based version of WriteWise will continue to be available for use.

Where can I use WriteWise?

WriteWise works like any other subscription service (e.g. Netflix). Your subscription will allow you to login on any device connected to the internet, but you may only login to one device at a time.

To get the best results, we recommend you use WriteWise on a computer (i.e. desktop or laptop). The WriteWise software has been optimized for use on a computer, which is where most people write research papers. Since all analyses are run in the "cloud," no minimum system requirements are needed other than a stable internet connection and a web browser (preferably Chrome).

To use WriteWise, you have to login to your account at

What makes WriteWise different?

WriteWise is the first online writing software to provide feedback specific to the structure and content of scientific articles. This 100% focus on academic writing is achieved by applying state-of-the-art models in artificial intelligence, which were developed through two years of research and development by the WriteWise team.

What makes WriteWise different from Grammarly?

Grammarly is an advanced "grammar and spell checker" that was made to write a diverse array of texts (e.g. emails, reports, etc.). It is our belief that Grammarly is a generic solution that does not focus heavily enough on scientific papers.

On the other hand, WriteWise is an advanced discursive-semantic editor 100% focused on scientific texts (i.e. it follows the academic discourse). Besides this, WriteWise uses Google's grammar and spell checker, making it a multi-linguistic platform. Altogether, this means that WriteWise can analyze and provide feedback for any word, sentence, paragraph, and section of your paper.

Finally, WriteWise is instructional, and it works like a virtual tutor. Therefore, WriteWise has an educational purpose - that you learn how to write papers! Check out the testimonials of our users mentioning the differences they perceive between Grammarly and WriteWise.

How do I pay for WriteWise?

We currently accept payments for WriteWise through PayPal, which ensures world-class payment security and transparency. If you are a resident of Chile, we can also accept payment through direct bank transfer (please contact [email protected]).

How do I present this to my laboratory PI?

Let us help you! If you think that WriteWise would benefit your entire laboratory and want to present the idea to your Principal Investigator, please contact us vía our online form or by writing to [email protected].

How do I buy multiple licences? 

If you are a PI or institution looking to buy multiple licenses, please get in touch with us directly. Depending on how many licences will be purchased, we may be able to offer discounted pricing, personalized on-boarding sessions, etc. Please get in touch with us by writing to [email protected]

Why don't you offer a free trial? 

WriteWise offers a free demo version the Abstract section. This free demo version shows the tools available to the other manuscript sections, but it is important to note that the feedback provided by the WriteWise software is specific to each manuscript section. An Abstract is written very different from the Results, and the WriteWise software takes this into account!

What are the typical contract terms?

You can review the contract terms for WriteWise by clicking on the following links: Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Are there any long-term contracts?

When you signup for WriteWise, you choose the length of your subscription from a list of available plans (e.g. 3 months, 6 months, 1 year). Your contract with WriteWise will be for the duration of the plan that you select, although we hope to accompany you during the entire course of your academic career - from your first to your hundredth publication!

Software Use FAQ

Tips for Getting Started

  • Watch the entire WriteWise Tutorials playlist. 
  • Review the educational cards on academic writing available in the "Learn More" sections of each WriteWise module.
  • Attend a WriteWise onboarding session and/or join our weekly Question & Answer videocall sessions to resolve any doubts you may have about using the software. The weekly WriteWise Q&A session is programmed as follows (Santiago, GMT-4):
    1st week of the month: Monday 5-6 pm
    2nd week of the month: Wednesday 5-6 pm 
    3rd week of the month: Tuesday 9-10 am
    4th week of the month: Thursday 1-2 pm
    5th week of the month: Wednesday 9-10 am
  • My text was not autosaved, what do I do?

    While the WriteWise software does have a autosaving function, we always recommend that at the end of your work session, you create a backup of your text in Word, Google Docs, LaTex, or other text-editing program. WriteWise also provides an export to Word function that can be used to create a backup at the end of each session

    Why am I not receiving WriteWise emails? 

    WriteWise emails sometimes get classified as Spam, especially for institutional emails. Please check your Spam folder and mark any email from the domain "" as "Not Spam." You might also consider adding WriteWise to a whitelist of allowed domains in Gmail or Outlook.

    What do I do if I get kicked back to the login screen?

    If the WriteWise software boots you back to the login page after you have correctly entered your access credentials, please verify that the time zone for your computer matches your place of residence (i.e., if you live in Chile, the time zone should be listed as Chile). Ideally, you should use your computer's option to "Automatically set the date and time."  Review the following tutorials to learn how to modify your computer's time zone: Windows or Mac.

    How can I change my password?

    Access your user profile by clicking the profile icon (i.e., 👤) in the upper left corner of the WriteWise software. This will take you to your user profile, where you will be able to change your password.

    I forgot my password, how can I recover it?

    Just below the login form, there is a "Forgot your password?" link that will take you through the process of resetting your password. If you are unable to complete this process, write to [email protected] from the email associated with your account for further aid.  

    How do I work with a reference manager in WriteWise?

    While we are working on integrating this feature, WriteWise does not currently recognize references formatted using reference managers (e.g., Mendely, Zotero, EndNote). As such, we recommend that you first write and analyze your paper with WriteWise. Once you have finished using the WriteWise analyses, format your references in the text editor of your choice and with your reference manager program. Another option is to work in your chosen text editor and WriteWise in parallel. In other words, run the WriteWise analyses in one window and implement changes directly in your text editor (e.g., Word, GoogleDocs, LaTex).

    How can I use Google's spellcheck in WriteWise?

    One of the functions offered by WriteWise is a powerful grammar checker specific to academic texts. However, if you want to add and activate the spellcheck function provided by Google Chrome in multiple languages (eg., English and Spanish), please review this tutorial.

    What do I do if WriteWise is automatically translated?

    Please disactivate the automatic translation of pages prior to accessing the WriteWise software. If Chrome automatically translates WriteWise, the page will disfigure. To learn more about how to deactivate automatic page translations, read this tutorial.

    Does WriteWise work with Firefox or Safari?

    The WriteWise software is optimized for use in Google Chrome. If you use a Mac, please install Google Chrome.

    When are the weekly QA videocalls? 

    The weekly WriteWise Q&A session is programmed as follows (Santiago, GMT-4): 

    • 1st week of the month: Monday 5-6 pm
    • 2nd week of the month: Wednesday 5-6 pm 
    • 3rd week of the month: Tuesday 9-10 am
    • 4th week of the month: Thursday 1-2 pm
    • 5th week of the month: Wednesday 9-10 am

    A reminder email with the Zoom link to connect will be sent on the day of the videocall, excepting the 3rd and 5th weeks when the reminder email will be sent the day prior to the videocall.

    What if I have more questions?

    We are here to help! If you have any question or doubt about WriteWise, or if you find any bug, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Our technical support email is [email protected].

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