WriteWise University Pilots: Helping Researchers Across Chile Publish 

By WriteWise Team

March 31, 2021


WriteWise University Pilots: changing how researchers write their papers

WriteWise has been helping investigators across Chile since early 2020, but in March 2021, WriteWise took a leap forward in aiding more researchers by launching WriteWise University Pilots. These pilot programs are specifically designed in conjunction with authorities from each university. WriteWise works hand-in-hand with Research Directors, Program Directors, etc. to select participants, set achievable goals, conduct onboarding sessions, and follow-up personally with each participant throughout the pilot duration. 

"A primary aim with these pilot programs is to quantify the impact that WriteWise can have on scientific productivity. We have know for a long time that WriteWise has strong educational value, but now we want to formally work with distinct groups of researchers to help them publish papers according to the guidelines set by each university. In just four to six months, we will have concrete data that WriteWise does help investigators write papers more effectively and quicker, and gives researchers a strong advantage when submitting to journals," states Ashley VanCott, CoFounder and COO of WriteWise.

What does a WriteWise University Pilot look like?


Pilot Planning & 

Participant Selection

WriteWise works in conjunction with university leadership, adapting each pilot to the specific needs of each university. Together we set the goals for the pilot, including duration and the number of participants. WriteWise then provides a hand in selecting participants, ensuring that those selected will be the most likely to get the greatest benefit from the pilot.


Pilot Start &


The pilot is launched with a series of onboarding sessions, as determined by the number of pilot participants. Researchers are given extensive training on how to use WriteWise, including the interpretation of analyses and implementation of changes into their papers. Participants have the chance to clarify any doubts before the pilot start. 


Pilot Monitoring &

Monthly Meetings

A WriteWise University Pilot can last from 4 to 6 months, as agreed on with the university authorities. To ensure that the pilot goals are met, WriteWise monitors use of the software and follows-up with any participants who might be struggling. Additionally, WriteWise meets regularly with university authorities to report progress and implement changes if needed, such as reassigning participants.


Pilot End &

Evaluation of Results

At the end of the pilot, the results are assessed in comparison with the goals set for the pilot. This may include confirmation that papers have been fully drafted or even submitted to journals. Another goal may be the presentation of an initial dissertation defense by PhD students. Our aim is to meet all of the established goals and then expand the use of WriteWise to more university researchers and students.


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Ongoing & Future WriteWise University Pilots

Universidad de Concepción

The UdeC pilot was launched in late March 2021 and includes 40 participants across a diversity of research areas.

WriteWise is excited to help so many researchers, and we are sure that all of the participants will meet the goals they have established as related to research productivity. 

“It is very likely that we will expand this program to other researchers that are interested. The WriteWise software has a recognized international prestige, and we trust that it will be an excellent tool in developing the careers of our investigators," comments Dr. Ronald Mennickent Cid, the Director of Research and Artistic Creation at the Universidad de Concepción. (See original quote in Spanish here.)
UdeC Pilot

Read the original press release posted by the Universidad de Concepción here.

Universidad de Los Andes

The UAndes pilot was launched in late March 2021 and includes participants from the School of Nursing and the School of Obstetrics, both of the Faculty of Nursing and Obstetrics.

Although the pilot has just started, we have already seen the commitment of the participants in understanding how to fully take advantage of the tools offered by WriteWise to write and edit their papers.

“This pilot is part of a project backed by the Universidad de los Andes, one which seeks to support the development and production of world-class scientific publications, specifically through a tool that provides a comprehensive solution for writing, revising, and editing articles." (See original quote in Spanish here.)
WriteWise University Pilots

Read the original press release posted by the Universidad de Los Andes here.

Additional WriteWise University Pilots

University Pilots are also ongoing or soon to begin at the Universidad Católica de la Santísima Concepción, the Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María, and the Universidad de Tarapacá, and many other universities across Chile are in the planning stage of the pilot program. By June 2021, WriteWise expects to have conducted or be in the process of conducting nine university pilots. 

"Our goals for 2021 will translate directly into a greater number of publications from Chilean institutions. We are very proud to contribute to this, because we know that great research is being conducted across Chile. Sometimes all that is needed is a little help in the writing and publication process, and we know WriteWise is a great tool towards that end. We expect all of our pilot programs to be a success," says Ashley, "Really, let's shoot for the moon and land among the stars. It's a big goal, but we feel WriteWise is up to the task!"  


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