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What is WiseUp ChatGPT?

WiseUp ChatGPT integrates ChatGPT 3.5 Turbo to to help you conduct research, ask general questions, generate text, and write better, quicker. WiseUp ChatGPT has a chat interface that makes using this tool simple!

WriteWise also provides thousands of Prompt Templates to help you ask the right questions and pose the right prompts to get the responses you need.

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Step 1: Select the “WiseUp ChatGPT” function

On the top horizontal menu, select the option “WiseUp ChatGPT.” A chat-box area will open on the right-hand side of the screen.

WiseUp ChatGPT 01

Step 2: Write or insert a question, request, cue, or prompt in the chat box

There is a box with the title “Chat here” on the bottom-right side of the screen and with the words “Type here.” Write or copy-and-paste the question or prompt you want to pose to WiseUp ChatGPT. This request can be on any topic – from searching for bibliography and drawing up marketing copy to creating a cover letter and asking for a chicken tikka masala recipe.

Here are a few prompt examples:

  • Explain the principles of [design concept] and its relevance to [design example].
  • I want you to act as a tech reviewer. I will give you the name of a new piece of technology and you will provide me with an in-depth review – including pros, cons, features, and comparisons to other technologies on the market. My first suggestion request is [enter the name of technology].
  • I want a Facebook ad idea that leverages a holiday or seasonal theme to promote a special offer or discount for my business.
  • I’m looking for a hair and makeup look that will complement my [FACE SHAPE] face and [SKIN TONE] skin.

For more information on how to access and use Prompt Templates, please review our Software FAQ article on Prompt Templates.

WiseUp ChatGPT 02

Step 3: To get a response or answer, click on “Generate Text”

Once you have written your prompt, click on the “Generate Text” button for WiseUp ChatGPT to begin providing a response.

WiseUp ChatGPT 03

The response will begin typing in the chat-box area about the “Generate Text button.” You will be able to watch the answer to your question or prompt in real time!

WiseUp ChatGPT 04

Step 4: Click “Continue Response” if needed to get the full chat response

Sometimes, the response to your prompt may be very long. If this occurs, you will see a button appear that says “Continue Response.” If this button appears, click it so that WiseUp ChatGPT can complete the chat response.

WiseUp ChatGPT 05

Step 5: Continue your chat by asking more questions or requesting more information

Once WiseUp ChatGPT has provided an initial response, you can ask for clarification or have the chat provide a clearer answer by responding – just like a chat! Just write in the chat box and click “Generate Text” to get a continued response to your previous point or to get a new response to a new prompt.

WiseUp ChatGPT 06

Step 6: When you want, click “Insert Text” to paste the response into your text

Once WiseUp ChatGPT has written a response, an “Insert Text” button will appear. You can click this at any time to insert the provided chat answer into the main text-editing area. If you want to insert a previous response, all you have to do is to scroll up the chat box to insert prior replies.

When you have inserted the WiseUp ChatGPT response in to the main text area, you can now edit it to fit your writing goals!

WiseUp ChatGPT 07

Common Questions

If your question is not answered by this article or any other FAQ article, please do not hesitate to contact us at support@writewise.io.

If I use another function and then return to WiseUp ChatGPT, will I still see my chat history?

No. Once you navigate away from the WiseUp ChatGPT function, it resets the chat. When you return to the function later, the chat area will be blank. You will have to restart your chat with WiseUp ChatGPT.

The response is taking a long time. Is this normal?

The response time make take more time if you have provided a tough question or prompt for WiseUp ChatGPT. Please wait at least 15 seconds for the chat to start providing a response. You can be assured that the chat is working if you see the spinning dial on the “Generate Text” button.

If the response suddenly stops while typing, be sure to look for the “Continue Response” button (see Step 4). If the answer to your prompt is very long, then WiseUp ChatGPT may have to reply in various parts.

Finally, if the response has not started typing within 15 seconds or you do not see the spinning dial, copy your prompt and refresh the page. On a PC, you can do this by clicking F5. Please also be sure to review your internet connection. If the issue persists, please contact us at support@writewise.io.

I am not getting the response I am looking for. How can I make sure WiseUp ChatGPT provides me with a good answer?

The prompt that your provide to WiseUp ChatGPT greatly impacts the accuracy and quality of the response you will receive. If you do not think the answer is accurate or you want more or less detail, you can continue your chat with WiseUp ChatGPT and provide clarifying instructions to get the desired answer (see Step 5).

For example, if WiseUp ChatGPT did not provide a detailed answer, you can respond, “Provide more information on [X]. I specifically want to know why [X] happens.”

Likewise, if you requested that WiseUp ChatGPT provide marketing copy and you believe the given response is too formal and long, you can respond, “Make the copy more informal, targeting a young audience between the ages of [X] and [X]. Please also shorten the copy, using no more than [X] words.”

Finally, be sure to browse the WiseUp ChatGPT Prompt Templates for ideas on how to structure questions or prompts to ask. For more information on how to access and use Prompt Templates, please review our Software FAQ article on Prompt Templates.

Why can’t I get responses on topics occurring after 2021? For example, I can’t search for the team that won the Super Bowl LVII.

WiseUp ChatGPT is an amazing tool that integrates the ChatGPT 3.5 Turbo technology. This AI-driven chatbot only has knowledge on events occurring until December 2021. Therefore, any events happening after this date will not be known by WiseUp ChatGPT.

Can I use WiseUp ChatGPT to write my school papers?

WriteWise does not condone the unethical use of WiseUp ChatGPT. This would include using the technology to plagiarize a school paper or assignment that requires original work.

You can still use WiseUp ChatGPT to conduct research, construct outlines, and get ideas on the topic of your assignment!

What type of content can WiseUp ChatGPT create?

WiseUp ChatGPT can provide written content on any topic, both formal and informal.

For example, you can use WiseUp ChatGPT to help conduct a literature search and construct an assay outline, and you can use it to write a cover letter for a new job posting.

Likewise, you can ask WiseUp ChatGPT for advice on traveling to Austria in April and for recipes that use carrots, potatoes, and mushrooms together.  The sky is the limit!

Author: WriteWise Team

The WriteWise Team is a dedicated group of specialists in academic writing, with vast experience in teaching and the publication process. The goal of our team is to impart valuable knowledge on a range of topics that will help students, researchers, and universities achieve their goals.

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