WriteWise Versions & Languages: Understanding the differences and similarities between versions and when to use English or Spanish

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What are the WriteWise versions & languages?

WriteWise is offered in two versions and languages:

  • WriteWise English
    • Designed for writing in English
    • Interface is in English
    • All functions are in English
  • WriteWise Spanish
    • Designed for writing in Spanish
    • Interface is in Spanish
    • All functions are in Spanish

What are the differences between the WriteWise versions?

Just the language you write in!

Both versions of WriteWise include all of the same features and tools. 

In other words, you can use WiseUp ChatGPT in the English version to create English text, and WiseUp ChatGPT in the Spanish version to create Spanish text. Features like the plagiarism checker and paraphraser specifically recognize the language and provide language-specific results.

No matter which version & language of WriteWise you choose to work with, you can rest assured that you are always getting access to cutting-edge technology!

English Spanish Feature 1 to 1 Menu

What if I write in Spanish but want to publish my text in English?

We understand that many WriteWise users are bilingual in English and Spanish, which is why we recommend having access to both WriteWise versions!

Many users write their first draft in Spanish using WriteWise Spanish, translate using an automatic tool like DeepL, and complete the final draft in English in WriteWise English.

Language Iteration Recommendation

Can I use the automatic translate of my browser to view WriteWise English as WriteWise Spanish?

No. This is not recommended for two important reasons.

  • Using an automatic translation of the software interface does not mean you are using the other version of the software. If you are in the English version, you will not be able to use the WriteWise features to generate and edit Spanish text.
  • If you use an automatic translation tool for the software interface, this is likely to cause errors in the software. The software interface will probably look bad, and the functions may not work as intended.

Can I try both WriteWise versions & languages to see which one is right for me?

Of course! For your 3-day Free Trial, you can select “WriteWise Versions: English & Spanish” free option at the end of the Plans page. You will get 3 days of access to each version of WriteWise.

At the end of the trial period, you can choose to subscribe to both versions or just a single version if you prefer.

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