Prompt Templates: Use WiseUp ChatGPT in just a few quick clicks and learn the best practices for creating prompts

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What are the Prompt Templates?

The WriteWise Prompt Templates are a database of more than 4,000 templates that you can use to get instant answers from WiseUp ChatGPT

The prompts (i.e., questions, instructions, query) you provide to WiseUp ChatGPT will greatly impact the quality of the reply you get. So making sure you are asking the right thing is critical! 

In fact, prompt engineering is quickly becoming an important field.

Video Tutorial

Written Guide

Step 1: Select the “WiseUp ChatGPT” function

On the top horizontal menu, select the option “WiseUp ChatGPT.”

Prompt Templates 01

Step 2: Select “Prompt Templates”

On the right-hand, upper side of the screen, you will see a blue button that says “Prompt Templates.” Click this button to open the prompt database.

Prompt Templates 02

Step 3: Explore the instruction types

Use the mouse to scroll through the different prompt categories or type in the search box to conduct a search. When we say “prompt categories,” we mean the type of instruction you want to give to WiseUp ChatGPT.

Prompt Templates 03

Step 4: Select the instruction category that fits your writing need

Once you have searched through the prompt categories, select the category that best fists your writing needs. You can always return to this step later if you want to select a different instruction category.

Prompt Templates 04

Step 5: Choose to “Accept” or “Dismiss” the change

Once you have selected the prompt category, you will then be shown a list of exact prompt templates to choose from within that category. In other words, you have chosen the type of instruction you want to give to WiseUp ChatGPT, and, in this step, you must now choose the exact instruction that you want to give.

Prompt Templates 05

Please scroll through the prompt templates list and select the one that best fits your needs.

Once you select the instruction that you want to use, it will automatically be inserted into the chat-box area on the lower right-hand side of the screen.

Prompt Templates 06

Step 6: Edit the instruction to fit your needs

Once you have inserted the prompt template into the chat-box area, you will need to modify the template to fully fit your needs. The text that you need to modify will be placed within [brackets].

In the given example, we see that the template says:

  • Format the following details into a citation in [specific citation style].

So, we should complete the information required, such as stating “…in APA style.” We should then provide the unorganized list of citations that we need help rewriting into APA format.

Prompt Templates 07

Step 7: Click “Generate Text” to get a response

After fully editing the prompt template, then you can hit the button “Generate Text” to begin your chat with WiseUp ChatGPT. 

If you need more help on how to conduct the chat, please refer to our guide on WiseUp ChatGPT.

Prompt Templates 08

Common Questions

If your question is not answered by this article or any other FAQ article, please do not hesitate to contact us at

How do I find the instruction category I want to use?

You can either scroll through the list of provided instruction categories or you can use the search function. To use the search, just start typing, and results will begin appearing.

We have over 550 prompt categories – so there is SURE to be something that fits your area.

What if WiseUp ChatGPT does not give me the right answer even though I used a prompt template?

Remember that WiseUp ChatGPT is only a (very intelligent) machine. Sometimes it may not respond precisely as you wanted. This is where you get the chance to chat with the machine!

If you are not satisfied at all with the response, you may want to try using a different prompt template or rewriting the original prompt template. You can also add more detail to the original prompt template to clarify for WiseUp ChatGPT your intention.

You can also enter into a “chat” where you can respond things like:

  • “I didn’t mean that. I wanted a reply for [fill out this part]”
  • “It seems my question was not understood because that was not close to the answer I wanted. What information do I need to clarify to get a better response?”

If you are still not getting the responses you hoped for, don’t give up! Use our Prompt Templates as a starting point for learning how to correctly construct instructions for WiseUp ChatGPT. Once you understand the structure, you can create your own prompt templates.

Do I have to use the prompt templates?

No! The prompt templates are meant to be an aid in getting an accurate, quick response from WiseUp ChatGPT. However, if you would like to directly start using WiseUp ChatGPT without one of our prompt templates, that is perfectly fine. 

If you get stuck and aren’t getting the answers you were looking for from WiseUp ChatGPT, be sure to explore our prompt templates for some great ideas. 

Author: WriteWise Team

The WriteWise Team is a dedicated group of specialists in academic writing, with vast experience in teaching and the publication process. The goal of our team is to impart valuable knowledge on a range of topics that will help students, researchers, and universities achieve their goals.

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