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How is artificial intelligence impacting education?

Artificial intelligence is having a major impact on education. AI-powered tools are being used to personalize learning and deliver customized content to students. AI can also be used to track student progress and provide real-time feedback.

In addition, AI can provide personalized tutoring and enable teachers to focus more on high-level instruction and less on administrative tasks. AI can further assist in the creation of more engaging and interactive learning materials. Last but not least, AI can help improve student assessment and evaluation.

p.s. This was written with AI!

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How can WriteWise help my child learn?

The AI content-generation tool can help students learn to write by providing them with a range of templates and examples of good writing, which they can use as inspiration for their own work. WriteWise can also check for grammar and spelling mistakes and suggest ways to improve the quality of the writing. By providing students with a helping hand and learning-oriented feedback, WriteWise can help students learn to write more effectively and efficiently.

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What tools does WriteWise offer?

Getting Started

Using ChatGPT technology, your child will learn how to resolve problems by asking the right questions. This is a critical thinking skill that is already of the utmost importance for future-oriented jobs.

With the thousands of template sentences offered by WriteWise, your child can establish the general structure they need to write while still having to think on their own to complete each idea.

Get Inspired

Checking the Details

By revising their text with Grammarly’s grammar checker, your child will intuitively learn how to write grammatically correct texts. This is an active-learning process that not only detects errors, but also explains why it is an error and what correction to make.

The WriteWise Transitions checker will help your child make sure that each sentence is logically connected to the previous sentence. Combined with the Sentence and Paragraph Length analyses, your child will learn to write texts that can be understood by anyone.

Refine Details

Making it Their Own

Of course, your child will still need to come up with their own perspectives for any text they write. This is where our Plagiarism Checker can help your child make sure their text is fully original.

In combination with the WriteWise Paraphraser and Summarizer, your child will be equipped with all the tools needed to make a unique and polished text for any of their educational requirements.

Make It Your Own