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How is artificial intelligence impacting job hunting?

Artificial Intelligence is having a huge impact on job hunting. Job search engines are incorporating AI to better match job seekers with job openings. AI-powered tools are now being used to assess resumes, so job seekers need to ensure that their resumes are optimized to score well. AI is also playing a role in interviewing candidates. Companies are now using AI-powered video interviewing to assess candidates before even speaking with them. Furthermore, AI can be used to analyze a job seeker’s online presence to gain additional insights into their skills and interests.

p.s. This was written by AI!

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How can WriteWise help me with job hunting?

With the AI content-generation tool provided by WriteWise, you can quickly generate outlines for your resume sections, as well as entire cover letters that highlight your professional skills. Then, with the integrated Grammarly function, you can make sure everything is grammatically correct. Together with the other tools provided by WriteWise, such as our paraphraser and thousands of template sentences, you can make your application stand out from the crowd.

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What tools does WriteWise offer?

Hint: Everything you need in one application!

ChatGPT-4 Text Generator

Integrated with ChatGPT-4 technology, you can use the AI text generator to rapidly produce a first draft of your resume and cover letters. By using intelligent prompts, you can also conduct research on the company of your interest and on resume-writing tips.

Grammarly Grammar Check

Integrated with Grammarly (the best AI-driven grammar corrector available), you can be sure that your resume is free of any grammar and syntax errors.

AI Paraphraser

Are you looking for a way to rephrase your job responsibilities or just change up the words you use in your cover letters? Our AI paraphraser can rapidly rewrite any part of your cover letter.

Sentence Templates

Do you have writer’s block? Overcome this by selecting among the thousands of available starter sentences. Insert the sentence into your cover letter and edit it to fit your writing goals.

AI Summarizer

You might not always have the problem of your resume being too long! However, if you do, the WriteWise AI summarizer is the tool you will want to use to quickly cut down on wordiness and extract main ideas.

Plagiarism Checker

Run a plagiarism check to make sure you are fully presenting your own perspectives on your past work experience and future goals.

Transition Verification

In one click you can determine where sentences might not be fully connected to each other. You can then easily select and insert a transition word from a provided drop-down list.

Sentence Length

You can easily check the readability of each sentence in your resume. Find sentences that may be too difficult to understand and edit before submitting your application.

Paragraph Length

Just like sentences, you need to make sure every paragraph can be easily read by anyone.