Grammar Check: Integrated with the best grammar checker so you can correct your text quickly

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What is the Grammar Check?

The WriteWise Grammar Check function is integrated with Grammarly – the best grammar corrector in the world! You may have used Grammarly before, but now you can have access to this amazing tool right in WriteWise.

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Option 1 for Function Use


Step 1: Select the “Grammar Check” function

On the top horizontal menu, select the option “Grammar Check.”

Grammar Check 01

Wait for the suggestions to load. This process should take less than 5 seconds, but please wait up to 15 seconds. If the suggestions do not load, try clicking on the function button again to reload. See the Common Questions below if the suggestions are still not loading.

Grammar Check 02

Step 2: Hover your mouse over an underlined word

To see the suggestions loaded by the Grammar Check, place your cursor over any of the underlined words. The words may be underlined in various different colors – representing different types of errors.

Once you have correctly placed your mouse, a box will appear providing you with the description of the error or suggestion and a potential correction.

Grammar Check 03

Step 3: Choose to “Accept” or “Dismiss” the change

If you agree with the provided correction, click on the “Accept” button to automatically insert the change.

If you do not agree, click on the “Dismiss” button to make no changes to your text and move to the next suggestion.

Grammar Check 04

Option 2 for Function Use


Step 1: Select the “Grammar Check” function:

On the top horizontal menu, select the option “Grammar Check.”

Grammar Check 05

Step 2: Wait for suggestion bubble to load, then click to open

In the lower right-hand corner of the screen, you will see the Grammarly icon loading. Once it has finished loading, you will be able to click on this icon to see different options.