Quickly perform rewrites and catch and correct errors.


How is artificial intelligence impacting copy editing?

Artificial Intelligence is having a significant impact on the area of copy editing. AI-powered copy editors are able to quickly and accurately identify errors in documents, such as typos, spelling errors, and grammatical errors. AI is also able to quickly detect plagiarism, ensuring that the content being published is original and accurate. AI-powered editors can also provide feedback on the readability and clarity of a text, as well as suggestions for improvements. This type of automation has allowed copy editors to focus more on the quality of their work, rather than having to manually go through a document and identify errors.

p.s. This was written using AI!

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How can WriteWise help me with copy editing?

The AI content-generation tool provided by WriteWise will help you rapidly rewrite any part of the text you are reviewing. WriteWise is also integrated with Grammarly, meaning you are sure to rapidly correct all gramatical and syntax errors. Together with the other tools provided by WriteWise, such as a paraphraser and readability functions, you can ensure that the final text is fully understood by readers.

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What tools does WriteWise offer?

Hint: Everything you need in one application!

ChatGPT-4 Text Generator

Integrated with ChatGPT-4 technology, you can use the AI text generator to rapidly rewrite or extend any paragraph or section. By using intelligent prompts, you can also conduct topic research, allowing you to clarify parts of texts that may be unclear.

Grammarly Grammar Check

Integrated with Grammarly (the best AI-driven grammar corrector available), you can be sure that your text is free of any grammar and syntax errors.

AI Paraphraser

Are you looking for a way to rephrase a complicated sentence or just change up overused words? Our AI paraphraser can rapidly rewrite any part of a text.

Sentence Templates

Do you have writer’s block on how to correct a sentence? Overcome this by selecting among the thousands of available starter sentences.

AI Summarizer

You might not always have the problem of a text being too long! However, if you do, the WriteWise AI summarizer is the tool you will want to use to quickly cut down on wordiness and extract main ideas.

Plagiarism Checker

You want to make sure the final draft of is a fully original work. Run a plagiarism check to make sources are correctly cited and novel perspectives are provided.

Transition Verification

In one click you can determine where sentences might not be fully connected to each other. You can then easily select and insert a transition word from a provided drop-down list.

Sentence Length

You can easily check the readability of each sentence in a text. Find sentences that may be too difficult to understand and edit the text before others read it.

Paragraph Length

Just like sentences, you need to make sure every paragraph can be easily read by anyone.