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Over one-year of research in deep learning applied to natural language processing was necessary to develop WriteWise. Specifically, we had to train deep neural networks that can “understand” scientific writing. Thanks to a unique state-of-the-art combination of machine learning models, WriteWise “learned” the structure and content of well-written papers. Our research included the following topics: 1) extraction/detection of linguistic features for discourse segmentation and classification; 2) rules-based text mining; 3) topic modelling; 4) new types of word embedding; 5) graph-based representations; 6) functional and applied discursive frameworks combined with corpus analyses; and 7) approaches in computational linguistics to empirically determine communicative purposes/lexical-grammar features with the textual and discursive foundations of academic and scientific texts.

WriteWise : National and International Recognition

How do we know that WriteWise works?

Because we have conducted quantitative, peer-reviewed studies of our own technology!

A novel machine learning model that guides graduate students to write more organized and structured texts

Revealing the collaborative dynamics of a large-scale arXiv text collection by means of k-shell decomposition

Sentence encoders as a method for helping users identify and improve semantic similarity in bio-medical text

WriteWise: software that guides scientific writing

WriteWise Founders

Dr. Eduardo Fuentes

Co-Founder & CEO
PhD in Biotechnology and Post-Doctorate

13 years of experience


scientific publications in top journals
scientific articles edited
national and international grants
research conferences
researchers trained

I have 13 years of experience in scientific writing, editing, and publishing. I published 1 paper during my undergraduate, 2 during my Master’s, 11 during my Doctorate, and 7 during my Post-Doctorate (21 total papers). Of these 21 papers, I am first author on 15 and corresponding author on 6. These papers have over 712 citations and were published in prestigious peer-reviewed journals in my area. I currently have an h-index = 14. I have also presented in 55 research conferences and have served as a reviewer and guest editor for over 10 journals, reviewing more than 30 papers. I have personally edited over 100 papers, helping dozens of scientists publish their scientific articles in respected journals. I have also participated in 16 national and international grants, 6 of which were awarded with me as the main applicant.

I have taught “the art of writing papers” to over 1,500 researchers, with audiences ranging from undergraduate students to full professors across Latin America. Prior to this, I worked as a university-level lecturer and teaching assistant for 10 years.

I am the inventor of WriteWise, the first AI-powered software in the world that guides scientists how to write scientific articles. I lead the R+D of a multidisciplinary team of experienced applied linguists and computer scientists (see below for more information).

I hold a PhD in Biotechnology and a Post-Doctorate, having conducted research at the University of St. Andrews (Scotland), University of Aberdeen (Scotland), and University of Gothenburg (Sweden).

For more information about Dr. Fuentes, connect on:

Ashley VanCott

Co-Founder & COO
BA in Anthropology and
MBA (Candidate)

10 years of experience


scientific texts edited/translated
researchers trained

I have 10 years of experience in editing and translating scientific texts, including original research papers, reviews, short communications, project grants, book chapters, responses to reviews, and letters to the editor. I have edited or translated over 1,000 texts, providing researchers across the life and social sciences with detailed feedback on structure and content, in addition to improving overall grammar and presentation. Several authors have recognized my contributions in their Acknowledgements

In addition to these texts, I have translated several books for the communication of science to non-scientific audiences, including the last 7 editions of the Revista I+D+i published by the Universidad de Concepción and the 2016 and 2013 versions of Investigar para Publicar published by the Universidad Andrés Bello. I also translated the web page content for the Department of Engineering at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. 

My editing/translating efforts are complemented by years of providing classroom instruction on how to write a scientific manuscript, with emphasis on the rules and structures to follow for communicating in English. Over the last 10 years, I have personally instructed more than 400 researchers across areas from most of the major universities in Chile.

I am the co-founder of WriteWise, the first AI-powered software in the world that guides scientists how to write scientific articles. I directly contributed to the development of several analyses in the WriteWise software, and I am additionally responsible for all administrative aspects of the company.

I hold a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology from the University of Nevada, Reno (USA), and I am currently a Master's in Business Administration candidate at the Hult International School of Business, Boston (USA). 

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